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[2020 Six Nations] France vs England (02/02/20)

Discussion in '2020 Guinness Six Nations' started by TRF_Olyy, Jan 27, 2020.

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    Ah, well, I could go on forever about Joubert in that final and his reluctance to call a penalty no matter what NZ did, but in the end, that's part of the game, and all teams get a bad rub from the referee at some point. My point is, that throughout my life, the great rivals to England were France and Australia. Everyone else was an occasional win or loss, but it always seemed to come down to England vs one of France or Australia when I was a young man. And I absolutely loved those matches! Win or lose to anybody else, and it's disappointing or good stuff, but win or lose to France or Oz and my family don't hear the end of it! :D
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