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    Ok, since my suggestion did not receive any responses from the moderators or admin, i am starting this thread for all current and new coaches.

    I am 42 years old, and living in South Africa, never coached before, but i am starting my first coaching soon. I will assist two other coaches in a high school team, under-16 age group. The forwards coach is a teacher at the school, and the backline coach is my uncle, who invited me to coach with them.

    I have level 1, and hoping to get level 2 with my coaching in the next year or so. Next year, i might get my own team.

    I will concentrate on improving the players skills for now.

    I am still waiting for the next Boksmart seminar to get Boksmart certified. For those of you who don't know, everyone who coaches rugby in South Africa needs to get Boksmart certified. It is a 3 hour seminar on injuries, and you get a card afterwards, saying you are certified.

    Our season starts in April, and we play a total of 13 matches, 5 away and 8 at home.

    So, fellow coaches, please share your history and credentials, and lets share tips and experiences along the way.
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