1. TRFies

    The annual awards for the users of TRF!

    1. The Great One

      TRFies - Best general poster

    2. Best Northern Hemisphere Poster


    3. Darren Lockyer Award

      TRFies 2014 - the best Rugby League poster

    4. Most Improved Member

      TRFies 2014

    5. Most Underrated


    6. Edmund Blackadder Award

      TRFies - funniest member

    7. Dubya Award

      TRFies - least grammatically able member

    8. Best Newcomer

      TRFies 2014

    9. Best Thread


    10. Impact Sub Award

      TRFies 2014 - best member who visits on occasion, but adds a great deal to the forum.

    11. Best Southern Hemisphere Poster


    12. The Stephen Fry Award

      TRFies smartest member award

    13. The Sportsman of the Year

      TRFies top Sportsman